Our Little War

A Poem

Francis David
2 min readFeb 20


ID 68347527 © Iakov Filimonov | Dreamstime.com

You create quite a disturbance, dear Asha, with all that
Bountiful flesh. I want to tell the world with my pen or make
An oral announcement of how you spread your butterfly
Wings for me and always keep me in your favor even when
I’m plugged with earwax and can’t hear your gentlest sighs.
I pray that I may not fail, get depressed when I can’t have you
24/7 or otherwise be a pain in the ass (something the prosecution
Might string together as proof as to why you shouldn’t love
Me). I can’t abridge my longing, it goes on and on, and even if
You met me with hostility I could help you chart other ways around
The heart’s seeming obstinacy. Sometimes I’m crude in my advances,
Yes, but I live on only a morsel of faith while you eat pudding from a
Cup. This flight that we’ve both taken leads us into temptation, I will
Admit, my desire is obese and you teach me about it in your classroom
Wherein I learn every inch of your body. So I swarm to you like believers
Unto a myth, travel far just to make an identification of what it means
To lay beside you. The neighborhood is never ambiguous, to be in your
Tent is a development that I can never live without, to do so would be hell.



Francis David

Writer of Sensuous Poetry and Fiction.