My Novae

A Poem

Francis David
2 min readMay 14, 2023
ID 96441418 © Artofphoto |


Never have I ever danced in the rain or even a shower of moonlight, yet there you are, all naked and ready for me to devour like the great mouth of the cosmos which swallows all our dreams — our very souls.

But my novae, my stars, how I would love to dance naked with you in any light. O how you make your cock ready for me (to make you cum)!

So, here’s what I imagine: you’ve just finished with your girlfriend, tossed her limp body aside, then you turn to your lust for me to have your every wish fulfilled. I kiss your dick before I lick it, salivating at the tip as you become a ball of tension. I can taste her still on you. What a tramp.

Then I make so many more advances that before you even know what happened your balls are drained, having been made a spectacle of by my loving mouth. Who knew you had any left after that wench.

What a joy to make you cum!

That’s it boy. You say you want to repay the favor, but I’m too coy to let you make me cum. Maybe one day I’ll give in.

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