I Will Climb Over That Hill

A Poem

Francis David
2 min readApr 30


ID 90661505 © Sergey Karabanov | Dreamstime.com

Loving you is a total glide, dear Asha, a whole mass of flesh, our bodies rubbing together in the night.

In this way we flourish, kissing, soothing, stroking…

The word corruption never enters our mind — what we do is pure and godly.

I’m just a resident in your heart, my love, and you like me living there.

As a bonus feature, I can document our tryst, leave it for the future scholars who want to know what it was like to know you, be with you in your bed.

You rumble like an earthquake, and I call it good; when I have time to recover, I call it time well spent.

And I am confident that you feel it too, this satisfaction is the plot to the story of our lives, getting in and doing it, making it happen again and again.

I go to any extent to make sure you have what you need, a card or a flower is just one way.

You laugh and say you’re such a reptile and I think it’s time for my retirement from things vapid and untrue.

See, there’s more to this berry than its juice; on this basis I am truly addicted to your presence.

I may be just a representative under your employ, but that doesn’t get me depressed or put me in an asylum.

I know I have to walk these long miles to gain the qualifications I need to be with you.

This much I’ve tried to explain.

I am satisfied with this small amount of grace.

And you give me clearance to proceed.



Francis David

Writer of Sensuous Poetry and Fiction.