Be With Me My Love

A Poem

Francis David
2 min readMar 12


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What kind of a world would it be,
Dear Asha, without your touch? I
Can imagine how hard my integration
Would be, it’d require some kind of
Witch to cast a spell to make everything
All right. But thanks be to God this isn’t
The game we have to play, we’re open
And free to lie together — hearts touching
And even more precious parts. When they
Excavate our bones, my love, I hope they
Find us entwined, requiring a surgeon to
Remove my grip from your hips. You go
To powder your nose and I have to wait
Real minutes for you to return to me. Like
A cat in the wilderness you return, though,
To prowl. It’s square of me, I know, to be
So enraptured by you, to be tied into your
Loop. Just like your favorite Medium
Column it sparks controversy, kind of like
A bizarre horoscope. So let’s go for our walk,
So to speak, one where we make no compromise.
Not when it comes to flesh on flesh. This chapter
Of our story is a silver cup or gold, the publicity
Of our tryst would never cause us injury. So
Please make a contribution to our fund, the
Dough will serve to extend this luxury of ours.
See, I’d rather take a nap in the cellar with all
The ghosts than be without you. Nothing can
End our passion, not with you, my favorite.
Give me your sign that it’s alright with you
To wriggle a little in our bed, my wild partner.



Francis David

Writer of Sensuous Poetry and Fiction.